Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Graffiti Contest

Be creative!! Use your imagination!! Have fun!!!

CBF is having this little contest using the application of draw a "Grafitti"
The application is available via FACEBOOK and TWITTER!

-Don't Copy other ones design

Here are the links you can draw your graffiti via your favorite social network!!
You can draw anything that is CSI! guns, people, even the characters!! Do your best! But Have Fun!!

TWITTER - When you draw your graffiti! - Reply to @CSIVEGAS with the link of your graffiti
FACEBOOK (tab "graffiti")

Contest will be closed SUNDAY APRIL 18 @ 12:00 AM EST! Winners will be announced later that day!

What you win?
- CSI Wallpapers
- Grissom's GoodBye Video Commentary Clip
- Grissom's GoodBye Clip Scene
- Rascal Flatts on CSI "Unshockable" Clip
- And other clips!

Its Fun! Its Easy! And you could win something great!! Be part of!!!


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