Monday, September 13, 2010

Warrick Brown

Warrick Brown was a CSI Level 3 in the Las Vegas Police Department Crime Lab. Born in Las Vegas, he was raised by his grandmother, whom he credits with keeping him grounded during his turbulent adolescence. He is a complex character, with idealism and compassion, humble despite his strong intellect and investigative talents, but with personal demons that threaten to wreck his life and damage the reputation of his team.

Warrick has an addiction to gambling. Before, and while, working for the LVPD, he ran book for various high-level worthies in Las Vegas. He is a card-counter: a poker-player with the ability to memorize long series' of plays in order to mentally calculate his odds of winning. Like all counters, he keeps this skill a secret. Card-counters, once found out, are generally banned from poker tables.

In addition to the financial and psychological problems gambling causes him, Warrick also runs afoul of the law on several occasions. In the series' first episode, he places a bet for a judge, and loses a large sum of money. In order to make up the debt, he leaves rookie CSI Holly Gribbs alone at a scene while he places another bet. Holly is killed; Warrick is brought under investigation, and the judge claims that he will "own" Warrick for a long time.

Warrick is mentored and sometimes covered for by his direct supervisor, Gil Grissom. Grissom considers Warrick, an highly talented CSI, to be his natural successor, and seems to consider Warrick's problems to be resolvable. He guides Warrick through various legal and political mazes to help clear his name and keep his career on track, in a pattern that repeats several times over the years.

Warrick shares a gentle but unresolved flirtatious relationship with his co-worker, CSI Catherine Willows. Although their chemistry is obvious, Warrick eventually marries his recent girlfriend Tina, seeking stability in his life. Their marriage lasts only two years, and the final season shows the old sparks coming to life between Warrick and Catherine.

During the final stressful months of Warrick's marriage, he becomes dependent on prescription medications - sleeping pills as well as stimulants. His behaviour becomes even more erratic, and after he misses a call-out and becomes personally involved with an investigation of a crime-boss, his friend and fellow CSI Nick Stokes confronts him on his dependency. Warrick appears to listen, but later goes on a drinking spree with devastating consequences.

His long-running and increasingly dangerous investigation of Gedda, a Godfather-type kingpin of the old order, gives Warrick a renewed focus, but ultimately proves fatal. It is revealed in later episodes that Warrick has a son, Eli, and was in the process of trying to get custody of his child when he was accused of murdering Gedda. In a Psych evaluation DVD from Child Services, Warrick refers to Gil as a father figure.

The CSI team, including visiting Sara Sidle, hundreds of uniformed officers, his ex-wife Tina and son Eli all attended Warrick's funeral at First Baptist Church, where Grissom gave his eulogy.


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